Drinkin' Man by Jianhua Qiao

Updates! We put our new event poster on display! It's for our new event by the end of the month [Drinkin' Man]. If you are around Chelsea area, come and check it out :)

Before the show by Jianhua Qiao

We didn't want to give out too much about the show so we didn't really upload any of the photos to the public about what specifically are being shown at the exhibition. The show last night was very good, and we know many more friends, and we are really happy about the overall feedback! We want to thank everyone who came to our show last night, and we hope you guys enjoyed the work, there were a lot of dessert so hope you guys got a bunch of calories for the super cold weather! Beast Vision helped us taking all the photos and we really appreciated their help! And all our friends who helped us with preparations! The show won't be like this without you guys! 

Installation Day 2 by Jianhua Qiao

Our friends, Carrol Shen, Yuyi Chen, Pengpeng Du, and Tong Tong came to help us with installing and they saved our lives! We installed from 2pm and we got home like 11:30pm. Yuyi and Pengpeng were with He Wei to take the ladder to Ran Tea House, where we are holding our event! It's a cold day! But at least it was sunny! Thanks guys, you guys helped a lot and we really apprecite everything you guys did!  


Meanwhile, when people were working on-site for installation, I (Ye) went to do laser-cutting! Exciting! You will see the final result on the 20th!


Logo's all set by Jianhua Qiao

After days of hard work from Decho Pitukcharoen, we finally have our new logo.

and we all love it, it shows Art and Event together in a simple and a little bit abstract form. We want to thank Decho for the beautiful logo, and we will keep working very hard on our coming event. 

Photo Shooting by Jianhua Qiao

We did photo-shooting for our official website, and it was really fun. 

Thanks Jubilee Market for providing the background setting. We hope our photos deliver a fun perspective about the connection between us and food.