upper photo: the nine bottle covers named "Oh Bottle Dress" designed by HE Wei

Drinkin’ Man is an interactive food art exhibitions where three performers wear tie-shape bottle covers to serve different types of alcohols to viewers. It was designed to invoke an open conversation about the influence of alcohols and its association to the adult life. By using these tie-shape bottle covers created by artist He Wei as costumes, the performance refers to the ritual of tie-wearing and the associated “working” and “after work” states that an adult has to experience during a day. By hiding different bottles of alcohols in the uniformed covers, it also reveals the depression caused by deprival of personalities in workplace and the desire of alcohols after work. Like many previous projects, in Drinkin’ Man, Avent transformed the everyday experience and created a stage where viewers could participate in the performance and be more aware of the true self.

《酒神经》是一次互动的食物体验。在展览中,三位表演者分别穿上领带形状的酒瓶套为观众倒上不同种类的酒,意在引发一个关于酒精和成年生活的讨论,无对,无错。这些领带形状的酒瓶套由艺术家何为创作,用系领带这一仪式化的动作比喻成年人进入工作的状态,以及取下领带所代表的下班时间。展览中,不同种类的酒被隐藏于相似的酒瓶套之中,仿佛代表着一种由工作中个性被剥夺所造成的压抑,以及人对酒精带来放松的渴望。同我们之前的展览一样,此次Avent Studio的《酒神经》为观众带来对日常生活的全新体验和一个参与互动及认识自我的舞台。

With its special chemical structure, when consumed by people, alcohols could influence human’s reaction in many levels. Our perception is lowered but emotions are enriched. Happiness, anger, excitement, and sadness become more straightforward to us. Alcohols connect the reality with the dream, spoiling us in the unreal joy.


Alcohols served in the performance

"Oh Bottle Dress Collection", the tie-shape bottle dress designed by artist He Wei

The title “酒神经(Jiu Shen Jing)” humanizes the “god of wine” as the absurd alcoholic in Chinese. The English title came from the song “Drinkin’ Man” by an American country music singer George Strait, in which song, he sings to a man’s ridiculous life because of alcoholism.

本次展览名称《酒神经》将“酒神”以一种现代人的口吻予以“网络化”和“屌丝化”的调侃。而英文名称则源自于一位美国乡村歌手George Strait的单曲《Drinkin’ Man》,这首歌以叙事的方式描述了一个男人因酒而起的荒诞人生。

In this exhibition, artworks designed and made by the artist become the special props on the stage, combining the “tie” and “alcohol” together and suggesting “working” and “after work”, two different states that an adult has to experience during a day. People are trying to separate the professional from the relaxing by dividing them into different time periods. However, life is not simply binary. People could be absent-minded during work hours or staying up and working for extra hours after work. The artworks, special “bottle cover in a tie form”, conceal different bottles and different alcohols in the same appearance and suggest a uniformed beauty and a sense of depression created by this kind of generalization. However, when the alcohol is served, performers will rearrange these bottle covers into different forms to create variations and suggest human’s sophisticated characters. During this interactive process, participants may turn flush, pale or unchanged, which shows their different body mechanism. As time goes by, alcohols and snacks will be gradually consumed, leaving the table empty and disordered. This process visualizes the drinking experience, in which a clear mind is turned into blank or chaos.

在此次食物艺术展示活动上,艺术家设计和制作的艺术品转变为舞台上的特殊道具,将“领带”与“酒”两个元素结合在一起,并借由此暗示了一个社会人必经的“工作”与“非工作”两种状态。上班、下班、上课、下课,人们尝试着将“严肃”与“放松”从文字的角度进行时间界限的清晰划分;而分心、走神、加班、熬夜,却牢牢实实地告诉我们生活本身并不是简单的二元论。这个“特殊道具”,在此被暂时定义为一个“领带形状的酒瓶套”, 将不同形态、不同口味的酒掩藏在完全统一的外部形象下,似乎展示了一个千篇一律的同质化所带来的秩序美感,以及随之而来的沉闷压抑。然而,在表演者的斟酒过程中,这些“外包装”又被摆弄出或坚挺、或萎靡的不同形状,亦呈现出丰富多变的造型美感,并暗示了或傲娇、或纠结的复杂性格。观众们则在品酒的互动过程中,脸红、脸白、脸不变色,也昭示出完全不同的身体机能和基因结果。随着活动继续,精美拜访的酒和食物逐渐被消耗、打乱,留下一场狼藉。这个过程同时也视觉化了人的饮酒过程:从清醒到抑或空白抑或迷醉。

Beautifully displayed alcohols and food

Beautifully displayed alcohols and food



  • Playing with the "Oh Bottle Dress"
  • Consuming food and alcohols
  • Serving alcohols
  • Being yourselves

Alcohols are fine liquid transformed from food by human being. It is divine and nurturing. It has favors and characters. It leads us to an escape from the chaotic reality.


Article by HE Wei, Translated by WU Wenjing

撰文:何为     翻译:吴文菁

Date: May 27, 2015


Artists: He Wei, Hu Naishu

艺术家:何为 呼延乃纾

Performers: Alex Michener, Du Pengpeng, Jim Xiaomeng Guo

表演者:Alex Michener 杜鹏鹏 郭小萌

Photography: Resonance Vision


Graphic Design: Ye Han


Studio Assistant: Wenjing Wu



Avent Studio_HeWei+HuNaishu_drinkin' man_poster_2015-1

"Drinkin’ Man", our second food art show, is offering a stage for the audience to taste different alcohols served by male performers with various types of side dishes. Its concept conceives from the song Drinkin’ Man by George Strait. Everyday, there are plenty of people suffering by alcoholism, “dealing with the thoughtless remarks of those who underestimate the seriousness of their problems”. The exhibition is trying to reveal the desires hiding inside of men’s uniforms in a humorous way, since the alcohol seems to be the toy for adults. It breaks the boundaries of reality and dream, sorrow and joy. We will deliver an unforgettable performance food show to the audience, taking a satirical and innovative approach to our drinking experience.



展览《酒神经| Drinkin’ Man》是由Avent Studio策划和创作,并于纽约Chelsea举办的食物艺术互动展览。食物艺术家何为与呼延乃纾,将为大家营造一场关于“酒”的全新体验。本次展览的最大特点依旧是食物的瞬时性。展览将从晚上6点起向公众开放,结合行为艺术(porformance art)的形式。让我们为每位到访者斟上一杯美酒,请您品一口醇香。